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Kevin Steele

Designer of New and Old Media
Photographer and Pixel Minder

205-1153 Queen St. W. Toronto

About Kevin Steele

I’m a designer of new and old media, and an habitual photographer.

New Media: I design user experiences for digital products. I’ve been doing this for more than twenty five years. In the last decade I have worked with a select group of clients, most notably I spent six years working with Rosetta Stone on the redesign of their core product and new products. You can find me on LinkedIn.

Old Media: I’ve made two children’s books with my cousin. I’m currently working on book ideas related to my photo projects. I can draw.

The Mackerel years

From 1989 to 1997 I was a partner in Mackerel, one of Toronto’s first interactive media shops.

Here is a scrapbook from one of our more interesting projects Echo Lake.

Read the Step-by-Step Magazine article about The Mackerel Stack, the interactive promo that made our rep. This was viral advertising before the internet, passed around on diskettes and BBS.

Then you can read the obituary, Mackerel: Burying the Fish by Cory Doctorow.

Here are some photographs:

From 2001-2005 I posted more than 200 short photo series here. There are more than 200 million pixels of storefronts, litter & cats available!

New on Portraits of Queen West:

New on Brand Name Litter:

And now for cats. My most recent cat muse has been Toby, an orange and white cat, an internet presence for ten years. He tweeted as @Toby_Cat for six years with over 10,000 followers.

New on Toby’s Blog:

In 1988 I made this minicomic about my first cat muse, Angelo, a serious tabby who graced my life from 1983 to 2001.

The Caped Kitty and Friends Store
Feline inspired designs. By me.

You can order fun products like this sweet Toby mug at my online shop.

Buying my products pays for quality cat content to be added to the internet. What could be wrong with that? Obey Toby.

If I’m not the Kevin Steele that you are looking for...

You might be looking for one of these individuals:

  • Book Artist Kev likes to be called Mister. Nice work, mister.
  • Climate Week UK Founder Kev would probably just want me to link to Climate Week.

  • Coach Kev is currently linebacker coach for the Crimson Tide. Oops: 1999.

  • Dancing Kev was recently with the Georgia ballet. ‡

  • Desperate Kev: Former partner at Princess Diana's law firm jailed for part in £17.5m fraud recently had his sentence cut because he was also a dupe. He is Kevin James Steele.

  • Fictional Kev is a war vet seeking to avenge the murder of his wife in an episode of Australian cop show “City Homicide.” He was played by the same actor who played Agent Jones in The Matrix.

  • Firearm Magazine Kev shoots a gembok. Dude, WTF? That animal wasn't doing anything!

  • Former Teacher Kev lives in Indiana and has 2 kids. He taught for six years but now does tech support for a company that makes software teachers use. ‡

  • Iceman Kev aka Kevin D. "Iceman" Yellow Bird Steele aka Heavy Chevy is down for whatever. ‡

  • Investment Scammer Kev of British Columbia ripped off 226 people for millions of dollars, and gives all of us a bad name. But Kevin J Steele is the worst. Fucker. In July 2007 he plead guilty and was sentenced to six years. That means he's out now.

  • Karaoke Kev runs the Karaoke Star in Phoenix.

  • Litigation Services Kev is a lawyer in Indiana.

  • News Anchor Kev worked at KCEN-TV in Waco and I lost track of him for a while, but he has resurfaced at KBMT in Texas. ‡

  • Other Photographer Kev takes great photos in exciting places, and shows them at He has a blog, with lots of photos. Nice. ‡

  • Prosecutor Kev is Assistant DA in Montgomery County, PA. He “ maintains a caseload of serious, complicated cases he prosecutes personally including capital homicide offenses.”

  • Rock Star Kev's bands was known as Roxx Gang and is now the Mojo Gurus. Roxx Gang is one of one blogger's fav bands.

  • Reverend Kev is Pastor at the National Hills Baptist Church across from the Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia. “Too bad it affords no playing privileges there!” he writes. ‡

  • Vintage Gamer Kev runs Retroblast and edited GameRoom Magazine. Thanks for the magazine, Kev! ‡

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